SnF Finishing

The Client

SnF Finishing, LLC is a start-up company that provides aluminum anodizing services to manufacturers in multiple industries. The business is located in an industrial area in Keene, New Hampshire and is founded by two principals. At the time of engagement, SnF Finishing did not exist.

The Challenges

Prior to engaging Amelioration Incorporated, one of the founding principals recognized that outsourcing anodizing services for his other manufacturing business was costing his company a large amount of net revenue due to delayed delivery time frames and unnecessary cancellations. As a result, he decided to undertake upstream vertical integration into anodizing services and take on a partner in the new venture. Since neither of the two partners had any direct experience with the anodizing services industry, they needed to gain a thorough understanding of the industry, potential customers, and competition and to develop a comprehensive plan for successful market entry and growth.

The Solution

SnF Finishing, LLC employed Amelioration Incorporated to develop a comprehensive plan that would enable the new anodizing business to be successful and that could be used to solicit additional investment or debt capital that would be required for start-up. The business plan that Amelioration Incorporated developed for SnF Finishing, included an executive summary, a business overview, a market analysis, a marketing plan, operations and management plans, a financial plan, and appendices.

The Tools

  • Business Planning
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Operations Planning
  • Management Planning
  • Financial Planning/Forecasting

The Benefits

Amelioration Incorporated’s business plan depicted how SnF Finishing, LLC will attain profitability within seven months and nearly $3M in sales and $1.4M in profit within three years.

Additionally, the business plan was instrumental in assisting the principals to obtain a $500K loan for required start-up resources.

What They Had to Say

  • I would like to recommend Amelioration Incorporated for the business process improvement consulting, training, and business planning services they provide.  We have used Amelioration Incorporated’s services on two separate occasions and were extremely pleased with the results each time.

    We were so pleased with Amelioration Incorporated’s work during the business process improvement consulting engagement that we asked them to assist us with developing a business plan that will enable us to expand into a related industry and further increase our company’s profitability.  Again, Amelioration Incorporated greatly exceeded our expectations by developing a realistic, comprehensive business plan for us that will insure a successful start-up, enable us to obtain funding for required start-up resources, and allow us to achieve profitability with the new business within the first seven months of operation.

    Amelioration Incorporated puts great care into making sure that the needs of their clients always come first.  We will continue to use their services as needed and I highly recommend Amelioration Incorporated to any company that would like to increase profitability or start up a new venture.

    Scott Samson, Principal