• Rich has great coaching abilities, is able to really get the team thinking outside the box.
    Rich did a great job on the value stream mapping for Champion.

    Bob Jacobs, Production Manager, Champion Manufacturing
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  • Rich came to us at a very unique time in our company’s history. It was the middle of the “gun scare”. After several events in the United States had made American’s fearful that their firearms would be taken from them, they responded by initiating a wave of firearms purchase never before seen. This posed a complex problem for us. We needed to rapidly increase production, shorten lead times and reduce waste to a degree we had never achieved. Enter Rich St. Rose. Rich’s accomplished background and diverse skill set gave us the tools we needed to move towards a more efficient process. He assembled a team of our employees from all sectors of our production pipeline. From order entry to shipping we tracked and accounted for every minute we spent producing our products. He then helped us identify the areas where the greatest inefficiencies existed. With his help we were able to reduce cycle time and were far better equipped to meet the growing demand of our customer base.

    His knowledge of LEAN manufacturing processes, Six Sigma concepts and overall process optimization are formidable. I enjoyed my time working with Rich and would encourage anyone in need of these services to consider his company.

    -Tyler E. Boucher, Marketing Director, Samson Manufacturing
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  • Without hesitation I would recommend Amelioration,Inc. and Rich St. Rose consultation services to others that can benefit from a Kaizen/Lean study, consultation and/or evaluation.

    Doug Keeslar, President/CEO, Champion Manufacturing Corporation
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  • If you are looking for a company to help improve your business through the application of Lean and Six Sigma, look no further than Amelioration Incorporated. They deliver results.


    Neil Minihane, Principal, Turn Works, LLC
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  • Amelioration Incorporated puts great care into making sure that the needs of their clients always come first.  We will continue to use their services as needed and I highly recommend Amelioration Incorporated to any company that would like to increase profitability or start up a new venture.


    Scott Samson, President, Samson Manufacturing Corporation
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